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The RSST is a true DIY tank.  It comes without a wick or coil for those that like to build their own for the ideal vaping experience they are looking for.  The RSST is made of high quality stainless steel and a plastic tank.  The center pin is spring loaded and adjustable to make sure you always get a good connection with the device you are using.  The RSST comes with extra O-Rings, filling caps, and a spring and a washer for the center pin.  It has a 510 connection and comes complete with a 510 stainless streel Dynasty drip tip.

Basic instructions for use:

Remove the top cap
Loosen the ground screw
Loosen the center pin to gain access to the tank. 
Feed wick through the hole (we used the premade octopus 2.0 ohm for testing)
Rebuild the unit. Be careful not to screw the center post down too far as it is the center post that connects to the battery/device.
Attach one of the wires from the wick to the ground screw.
Attach the other wire to the center pole by pressing down the spring and wrapping the wire to the post.
Trim excess wire away from the post.
Remove the small filling cap and fill the tank.
Allow time for the wicking material to absorb the e-liquid. 
Attach the RSST to your device and vape.
Keep the device and tank upright at all times to avoid leaking.
When removing the tank be sure to hold the bottom ring to loosen. Otherwise the tank may come apart.

Due to the nature of this product there is no warranty. This product is for experienced users and requires technical knowledge in order to properly use it.

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